E-Commerce, Web Site Design & Development


Do you want your goods and services present online?

We do all of your brand's digital marketing. Our approach is innovative; the product is professional. Software and infrastructure steps are an important part of e-commerce. We can help you with the customer lifecycle and with multi-channel marketing. We can also manage your customer relations, support you post-sales, and create and manage your special offers. What about purchasing technology? We do that do!

• B2B (Business-to-business sales)
• B2C (Business-to-consumer sales)

Omni Channel Marketing

We ensure that your e-commerce project runs as smooth as butter on all platforms and channels. We plan, run, and manage every step of the process from A to Z. We’ll offer you maximum efficiency and benefit. How? Why, with our web and store-based service approach, of course. Everything we do is meant to help you swiftly and easily reach out to your customers.

E-Commerce Life Cycle Planning

First, your customers will Google the good/ service they're after. Then, once they find what they're looking for, they'll head straight to your website, or - better still - your store. Leave it to use to plot out the process. We come up with various scenarios based on your customers' habits, and then integrate those into the system.

E-Commerce Software Service

The market is full of dozens of software programs and strategic apps. We scout out which ones best suit you and your business model, and use that to enhance your e-commerce experience.
We weed out what works from what doesn't, so we can ready you for that long-term life in e-commerce you've been dreaming of.

E-Commerce Setup

We analyze your e-commerce project to the core, follow it up, plot a course, document everything, and present it to you.

B&B Marketing Solutions

If you do business-to-business (B2B) sales, we make it easier for you to rake in more customers. How? We create the right e-commerce strategies for you and your dealer network, enabling you to reach out to more swiftly and easily reach out to your target audience.

E-Commerce Special offer Management

We come up measurable special offer models by focusing on your e-commerce site's the target audience.
We redesign creative special offer models for you, and then integrate them into your e-commerce site. We compile everything we've done into a nice little report, and present that to you.
First, we create special offer models for your e-commerce site that are target audience-oriented, measurable, and creative. Then we translate those into design, implement them, and document what we've done.

E-Commerce Technology Consultation

We pair you with SaaS, SSL, cloud, sales, reporting and customer relations services so that we can make your e-commerce project run more efficiently. Last, we show you our results, and do last minute tweaking accordingly – the key to a high quality, sustainable e-commerce experience!

Online Advertising Management

We reach out to your target customers via social media and Google. How? The right content and effective ads! Put two and two together, and voila: maximum benefit!

E-Commerce Graphic Design Service

A good e-commerce site has to be innovative and designed well. We create all your banners, mailing templates, social media, and even print materials. Without them, you can't do e-commerce—let alone sales.

Product Photography

You can't market your goods online without photography. What goes into a good product photo? Your concept. Don't worry; we've got that covered! Wait! There's more! We also create the content that makes your goods irresistible. Your e-commerce website can't do without either.